From the future

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Original: Do futuro

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Programmer: Hey, who are you?
Programmer from the future: I am you, from the future...
- Geez!
- I came to bring you an advice: You have to get off from that project, before it will be too late
- But the boss said the user wants a simple system and the money will compensate the implementation
- Trust me... There's no requirements gathering. The only thing your boss knows is that the user wants something, but not sure what. They won't do any analysis and you'll carry all project by your own. After a 7 months implementation, with overtime, sleepless nights, changing requirements, reimplementation and tons of workarounds, the user will say that it's nothing like he had thought and you'll have to start all over again
- But if I change the future, you'll not exist anymore and you won't come back to give me this advice!
- Probably my timeline will become alternate, but it's worth to sacrifice...
- Or it may generates a space-time paradox that coulde explode the whole universe!
- Trust me, it would still be worth...
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