Problem on list 26/02/2015 09:15


Original: Problema na listagem

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real story;
string sender;
sender = "bibi";

User: The associated list on our site shows the full list... And it has filter options A | B | C...
User: But when we click on "A", it shows only the names starting with "A"...
Programmer: One minute...
Programmer (showing the phone to all colleagues): It's now on speaker to hear you better... Can you repeat?
T-shirt: Everybody laughs

Satisfaction 25/02/2015 16:52


Original: Satisfação

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/* inspired by many hours without sleep and a brainstorm on twitter */
Boss: Congratulations for your work. It was very good and our client already called twice just to say thanks...
Boss: By the way, that salary increase you asked was already approved...
(At home)
TRIMMMMMMM! (Alarm clock)
Programmer (waking up): Damn!!
T-shirt: void

Exception 24/02/2015 10:09


Original: Exceção

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real story;
string sender;
sender = "Macoto Jr";

Alonso: Man, the form is saying it was successfully saved, but it's not stored on database...
Programmer: Let me see... Show me where on the code you are displaying that message
Alonso: Here: throw new Exception('User successfully saved!');
Programmer: FACEPALM!
T-shirt: Why?

Network error 23/02/2015 09:45


Original: Erro na rede

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real story;
string sender;
sender = "ZettaBrasil";

Trainee: I'm remotely on user's computer because he can't access the system. It might be DNS error...
Programmer: Try to turn off and on again the network card...
Trainee: Damn! I lost my connection!
Programmer: TROLLFACE!

What language? 19/02/2015 11:30


Original: Em qual linguagem desenvolver?

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real story;
string sender;
sender = "Rodrigo Ottero";

Boss: What are you arguing about?
Programmer: If we should use Visual C++ or Java on the new project
Boss: What are the pros and cons of each one?
Programmer: Well...
(Half hour later...)
Boss: So, it's obvious... Use both languages to write the system...
T-shirt: (Mario picture)

Test phase 17/02/2015 23:43


Original: Fase de testes

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real story;
string sender;
sender = "Renan";

User: Hi, have you finished those changes we asked for?
Programmer: Yes, they're ready, just waiting for homologation
User: But I need it now! It's urgent! Send it right now! It's working, isn't? Why does it need homologation?
Programmer: You're right, I'm sending it...
User: And the homologation?
Programmer: Oh, bullshit! We're usually right on the first try...
T-shirt: No test, no fear

Look this comment 16/02/2015 10:34


Original: Olha esse comentário

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real story;
string sender;
sender = "andremt";

Programmer: Geeeeezzzz!! Look this comment on code...
A.P.: Wait...
Comment: /* No need to change the code below, unless it's needed */
A.P.: Well... At least the logic sentence is correct...
T-shirt: Share your heart between /* and */

Full Attention 13/02/2015 23:20


Original: Total atenção

Transcription ↓

Boss: I will explain the requirements and I need your full attention. Please, put your phone on flight mode to avoid interferences...
Programmer: ok...
(Programmer turns phone on flight mode and it flies)
T-shirt: If Woody Had Gone Right to the Police...

Screenshot 02/07/2014 20:40


Original: Cópia da tela

Transcription ↓

real story;
string sender;
sender = "Breno Alencar";

User: There's an error in your system!
Programmer: What's the error?
User: I don't understand it...
Programmer: Okay... Take a screenshot and send it on my email
User: How can I do it?
Programmer: There's anyone working with technical support in your company?
User: Yes... It's me!
T-shirt: (Pacman face)

Do you know SQL? 01/07/2014 22:16


Original: Manja de SQL?

Transcription ↓

string sender;
sender = "@osuissa";

Nephew: Man, I'm writing my CV to apply for a job... Could you help me?
Programmer: Okay... What did you write?
Nephew: I know about computers, I know typing, read emails, frontpage...
Programmer: Do you know sql?
Nephew: No...
Programmer: So you can write: "NoSQL Specialist"
Nephew: Cool...
T-shirt: Trollface


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