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Trust me, it's better 28/01/2014 15:52

Original: Sabe tudoTranscription ↓real story;string sender;sender = "Matori";Boss: Change it to blue. Blue is better.Programmer: Blue doesn't fit with the logo. It will let all heavyBoss: Trust me, it will be betterProgrammer: Okay...Boss: No... Undo it... Blue is too heavy...--T-shirt: I will code for food

Loyalty 24/01/2014 16:45

Original: Fidelidade Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Sandro Araújo"; Boss: I need a system to a loyalty program of a gas station. It has to manage the customers' cards, manage discounts... Programmer: Okay... Boss: I'll give you 4 days Programmer: 4 days?!? Well... I'll try...() leia mais

Piece of cake 22/01/2014 05:34

Original: Simples assim Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "********"; Programmer: Hey, boss... In the file layout, the user ID has a length of 6, but in our database it has 8. What do we do? Boss: Easy... Just divides it by 100... So, who needs to read the file only has to multiply it by 100 e it's done...() leia mais

Locked/Unlocked Field 21/01/2014 07:39

Original: Campo Liberado Bloqueado Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Danilo J B"; Boss: The users are typing wrong info in that text box. We have to automate and lock it Programmer: Okay...() leia mais

Notes 16/08/2013 15:00

Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Fabrício Olmo Aride"; Boss (on the phone): Hi, it's the boss. I will get in late, so I jotted down what I want you to do in the meantime... Programmer: Yeah, go ahead ... <silence> Boss: Look, I'll call you back in a bit...() leia mais

Involving the user 15/08/2013 20:39

Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Thiago"; Programmer: Boss, can I get a user to do some testing for us? Boss: Yes, but first we need to make sure that the system is working 100%. Programmer: IF THE SYSTEM WAS WORKING 100%, THEN WHY WOULD I NEED TESTING??() leia mais

Java course 14/08/2013 21:31

Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Marcelo"; Programmer: Hey Boss, so I won a free Java course taught by one of the best Java guys around at an event I attended. But the course is a week long, all day. Can I have this week off? Boss: No way! We don't use Java in nothing in this company...() leia mais

Those clients... 06/02/2013 16:34

Original: Esses clientes... Transcription ↓Boss: What a ?????! Our client is cracking the activation key of our software, to avoid to pay the monthly US$30... Programmer: Hmm... Your system was made in delphi, right? And how much did you pay on Delphi? Boss: Nothing... I'ts cracked Programmer: hmmm...() leia mais

Splitting the logs 01/02/2013 17:00

Original: Separando os logs Transcription ↓/* True story sent by leandro pincini */ Boss: I want you split the log files by module to ease the reading under runtime Programmer: ok Boss: Have you finished? Programmer: Yes. Logs separated (Later...) Boss: It's very hard to read the logs the way you've done.() leia mais

Quick changes 31/01/2013 10:31

Original: Modificações rápidas Transcription ↓/* true story sent by Fábio Gomide Nolasco */ Boss: Great job on this website. Those were well invested 90 days. Programmer: Well... I'm not a designer... So, I presented every step to you to assure it was done right Boss: It's just a matter of style...() leia mais


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