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Someone deleted 24/01/2013 15:00

Original: Alguém apagou os dados Transcription ↓/* True story sent by Eric */ Coworker: There was a problem with our system Programmer: What happened? Coworker: Someone deleted some data from the database Programmer: Really? Let's do an audit (After reading the logs...() leia mais

iPad 22/01/2013 14:42

Original: iPad S2Transcription ↓/* true story lived by airton And elias */Programmer: Man, I’m going to give an iPad to my girlfriend…A.P.: You’re going to give your girlfriend an iPad?!?Programmer: Yep…A.P.: Do you wanna date me?

Screen reader 02/09/2011 13:56

Coworker: "Programming is the best thing you can do dressed" Coworker: "The advantage of being a programmer is that not even a beach can prevent you from working" Coworker: "I program, you program, he/she programs, we program, you program, and they sell the program and keep my money" Coworker: "My coworker read out loud everything I write() leia mais


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