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Happy?!? 12/09/2016 03:58

PASTE THIS CODE ON YOUR SITE Source: Programmers Life Original: Feliz?!? Transcription ↓real story; string sender = "Daniel Chaves"; (It happened on a Programmer's Day) Friend: Hey, happy Programmer's Day! Programmer: Thanks! You too! Friend: What?? No, no way!! God! I'm not a programmer! No, God forbid! Programmer: PLOP!() leia mais

Did you see the eclipse? 28/09/2015 09:56

PASTE THIS CODE ON YOUR SITE Source: Programmers LifeTranscription ↓Friend: Dude, the sky was cloudy last night, i haven't seen the eclipse.Programmer: I saw.(Programmer sad face)--T-shirt: The eclipse lasted all night

Photo recover 24/09/2015 23:52

PASTE THIS CODE ON YOUR SITE Source: Programmers Life Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Hyago Brendoll"; Friend: Dude, is it possible to recover some photos that I deleted from my USB stick? Programmer: Yes, if you didn't overwrite them yet... Friend: What??() leia mais

Database 06/03/2015 19:02

Original: Banco de dadosTranscription ↓real story;string sender;sender = "Fernando Zambrotta";Friend: Man, I'm having a lot of troubles with databases at my company. Could you help me?Programmer: Which database management system are you using?Friend: Excel!--T-shirt: Do you know Google?

Programming a network 11/02/2014 06:46

Original: Programar uma rede Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "afonso"; Friend: You're a programmer, right? Programmer: Yeah. Why? Friend: I need to program a network, could you help me? Programmer: Did you mean, to setup a router? Friend: No... I need to program my Internet to stop to falling out...() leia mais

iPad 22/01/2013 14:42

Original: iPad S2Transcription ↓/* true story lived by airton And elias */Programmer: Man, I’m going to give an iPad to my girlfriend…A.P.: You’re going to give your girlfriend an iPad?!?Programmer: Yep…A.P.: Do you wanna date me?

Perfect marriage 24/11/2011 16:30

Transcription ↓Alonso: It's curious how many guys from our area are married with psychologists. I wonder why...Programmer: No!! No!! No!! It's a string, you stupid machine who doesn't even makes coffee!A.P.: Do I need to answer?Programmer: Sorry... I should not yell at youOriginal: Casamento perfeito

Working on TV 19/09/2011 15:38

Friend: Where do you work?Programmer: On TVFriend: And what do you do there?Programmer: Programs... I'm a programmerFriend: Cool! What time your program is broadcasted?Original: Trabalho na TV

Programmer’s Logic 31/08/2011 14:00

Alex: Man, I'll never understand the womenProgrammer: Nobody will... But why are you saying this?Alex: My wife asked me to go to the market and said: "Bring 6 eggs. If there are potatoes, bring 9." There were potatoes. But she got mad when I arrived only with the 9 eggs...Programmer: Go figure...Original: Lógica de Programação

The best language 26/08/2011 14:00

Friend: Which language is better: java or flash? Programmer: Uh? Friend: I want to learn a programming language, because 2 friends of mine want to join me on a new business, to develop an enterprise resource planning (ERP). It will make us rich! Programmer: Any of you know how to program? Friend: No.() leia mais


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