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Did you try to google it? 31/03/2015 23:54

PASTE THIS CODE ON YOUR SITE Source: Programmers Life Original: Já tentou o Google? Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "@adriells"; Nephew: How can I convert that string to uppercase? Programmer: Did you try to google it? Nephew: No... I'll try! Nephew: It didn't work!() leia mais

Do you know SQL? 01/07/2014 22:16

Original: Manja de SQL? Transcription ↓string sender; sender = "@osuissa"; Nephew: Man, I'm writing my CV to apply for a job... Could you help me? Programmer: Okay... What did you write? Nephew: I know about computers, I know typing, read emails, frontpage... Programmer: Do you know sql? Nephew: No...() leia mais

Comments 07/02/2014 06:57

Original: Comentando o código Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Flavio Araujo"; Nephew: I wrote this code, but it's not working... Programmer: Let me see... Programmer: Okay, comment these first two lines... Nephew: Well, on the first line I declare the variables... Then on the second... Programmer: FACEPALM!() leia mais

Hiring 28/01/2013 09:08

Original: Contratação Transcription ↓Boss: Since Jack took that flight to sidney and we have no news about him, we decided to hire someone else Programmer: Please, tell this time you will hire someone with experience... Boss: Sure! He has a lot of experience with computers. My nephew, Justin.() leia mais


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