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Upper join 19/08/2016 14:25

PASTE THIS CODE ON YOUR SITE Source: Programmers Life Original: Upper join Transcription ↓string sender = "Reinaldo Fiorentini"; Alonso: Dude, help me to find the error on that query Programmer: Why don't you indent your code?? Indent it to ease the understanding...() leia mais

Simplifying the search 27/07/2016 15:21

PASTE THIS CODE ON YOUR SITE Source: Programmers Life Original: Simplificar a busca Transcription ↓ Boss: The customer wants to take off all those search options. It's heavy and confused... Programmer: Ok.() leia mais

We've lost everything 12/08/2015 18:09

PASTE THIS CODE ON YOUR SITE Source: Programmers Life Original: Apagaram os dados Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Mauro"; Alonso: Someone updated the tasks table. WE'VE LOST EVERYTHING! Programmer: What? Alonso: That table has now only one column and all the records were replaced by the 8 number!() leia mais

Injection 12/03/2015 23:46

Original: Injection Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Diego Pablo"; Programmer: You shouldn't pass a form field value right to the SQL. A hacker could manipulate your query! Alonso: Oh, but I don't do this! First I put the value on a variable, then the variable goes to the SQL! Programmer: PLAFT!() leia mais

Do you know SQL? 01/07/2014 22:16

Original: Manja de SQL? Transcription ↓string sender; sender = "@osuissa"; Nephew: Man, I'm writing my CV to apply for a job... Could you help me? Programmer: Okay... What did you write? Nephew: I know about computers, I know typing, read emails, frontpage... Programmer: Do you know sql? Nephew: No...() leia mais

Comparing DBs 05/02/2014 07:42

Original: Comparando BDs Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Suellen Colangelo"; Programmer: Dude, did you do something with the customers' databases? Alonso: Oh, yeah... I found a nice program to manage and compare databases... Programmer: And... ?() leia mais

SQL Error 30/01/2012 16:26

Transcription ↓/* True story sent by Erisvaldo Carvalho */Manager: What code is it that you're trying to fix?Programmer: SQL...Manager: Hmmm... Let me see it...Manager: I wonder that the error is there on these -- (minus minus), because "minus minus" equals "plus"... It's a calculus failOriginal: Erro de SQL

Where?? 20/09/2011 14:53

Transcription ↓Programmer: Hey, man! What did you do to the database? Jack: Nothing... Only an update for a client who asked to change the role of an user Programmer: Uh... And by chance did you change his level to 4? Jack: That's right. Did you see that in the logs? Programmer: No! You forgot the WHERE on UPDATE!!!() leia mais

Left Join 11/08/2011 14:09

Boss: From now on, you'll not use left or inner join anymore in database queriesProgrammer: But what about the performance and...Boss: It doesn't matter! only simple joins... 'cause I had to fix a bug when you weren't here and it's hard to understand when you use "left join"Original: LEFT JOIN


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