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User auth 21/01/2013 15:00

Original: Senha no pagamento Transcription ↓/* True story sent by Lucas Saliba */ Boss: I want you to put a user auth on the payments page. Programmer: Alright... Just so I know... Why do you need to auth the payments? Boss: It’s simple... Imagine you lose your bill, then some wise guy finds it and goes and pays it...() leia mais

Where's the coffee? 18/01/2013 15:10

Original: Onde fica o café?Transcription ↓/* True story sent by Elison j. */Programmer: Man, this is my first day here... Could you answer me a question?Coworker: Say it...Programmer: Where's the coffee?Coworker: Coffee? Nobody drinks coffee here...Programmer: LET ME OUT!!!--T-shirt: No coffee, no life

Method Names 17/01/2013 07:18

Original: Nomes dos métodos Transcription ↓/* True story sent by Gabriel Fonseca */ Boss: The names of your methods aren't obvious... Programmer: What do you mean? Boss: The point is that I never know which verb was used Programmer: exclude() isn't obvious? Boss: 'Exclude' is the worst!() leia mais

42 16/01/2013 23:47

Didn't understand? Ask the Google Calculator... Transcription ↓(Coffee break...) Coworker 1: I was wondering... What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? Love? Coworker 2: Success? Coworker 1: Happiness? Programmer: he he he Coworker 2: Why are you laughing?() leia mais

Simple modifications 15/01/2013 19:19

Original: Alteração Simples Transcription ↓Client: So, have you finished those modifications on our system? Programmer: Not yet. It will be done only by tomorrow, afternoon Client: Tomorrow?!? But it's just a simple modification! Programmer: ok. I'm sending it now to your email Client: What?? Have you finished??() leia mais

Backup 14/01/2013 11:54

Original: Backup Transcription ↓/* true story sent by Washington Aquino */ Programmer: Do you have an updated backup from the database? I'll need to restore it. Support: Backup??? Oh, sure, I have it... (At the computer) DROP DATABASE? OK! Programmer: Can you send me the backup, please? Support: Well... backup??? uh...() leia mais

Random Strings 14/02/2012 15:59

Transcription ↓/* Sent by Muriel Godoi */Programmer: I developed a new way to generate random strings...A. P.: How? It's based on processor's clock?Programmer? No... Just let the trainee using the "VI" and asked him to close it...A. P.: Effective...Original: Strings aleatórias

Proprietary software 13/02/2012 20:06

Transcription ↓Friend: I've heard about "free" and "proprietary" software... Why do you call "proprietary" the non-free software? Programmer: It's simple... Because when you buy the software, in a weird way, it becomes your proprietary... He owns you! Friend: But if I bought it, i'm the owner! Programmer: Really??() leia mais

SQL Error 30/01/2012 16:26

Transcription ↓/* True story sent by Erisvaldo Carvalho */Manager: What code is it that you're trying to fix?Programmer: SQL...Manager: Hmmm... Let me see it...Manager: I wonder that the error is there on these -- (minus minus), because "minus minus" equals "plus"... It's a calculus failOriginal: Erro de SQL

Confidential 17/01/2012 14:45

Transcription ↓/* True story sent by Aloisio Almeida Jr */ Wife: Darling, you never told what you're working on Programmer: It's because my actual project is classified... Wife: What??? Are you saying you don't trust me?!? Programmer: HUMPF... ok, I tell you...() leia mais


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