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May I update it? 02/08/2016 16:12

PASTE THIS CODE ON YOUR SITE Source: Programmers Life Original: Posso alterar? Transcription ↓real story; string sender = "Canez"; (Call from support guy) Support: Dude, help me: I have to update an invoice description... Or maybe the value... I don't know... Also I don't know what kind of invoice... May I update it?() leia mais

Are you the tech support? 26/07/2016 11:02

PASTE THIS CODE ON YOUR SITE Source: Programmers Life Original: Você é do suporte? Transcription ↓real story; string sender = "Cleórbete Santos"; Manager: Are you the tech support? Programmer: No, I'm a programmer Manager: Great! It also serves...() leia mais

Screenshot 02/07/2014 20:40

Original: Cópia da tela Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Breno Alencar"; User: There's an error in your system! Programmer: What's the error? User: I don't understand it... Programmer: Okay... Take a screenshot and send it on my email User: How can I do it?() leia mais

Using a laptop 23/01/2013 14:27

Original: Quem suporta? Transcription ↓/* True story sent by Tonny */ Support: Hi. I’m visiting our client here, but he can’t find the record. What can I tell him? Programmer: Ask him to click on “remove filter” Support: He can’t. Programmer: Why not?() leia mais

Backup 14/01/2013 11:54

Original: Backup Transcription ↓/* true story sent by Washington Aquino */ Programmer: Do you have an updated backup from the database? I'll need to restore it. Support: Backup??? Oh, sure, I have it... (At the computer) DROP DATABASE? OK! Programmer: Can you send me the backup, please? Support: Well... backup??? uh...() leia mais


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