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C Compiler 29/07/2016 15:19

PASTE THIS CODE ON YOUR SITE Source: Programmers Life Original: Compilador de C Transcription ↓real story; string sender = "Marcos Lima"; Trainee: Dude, could you suggest me a good C compiler? Programmer: Sure! You could start with devcpp, which has a compiler, a debugger and the code editor... Trainee: Great!() leia mais

Network error 23/02/2015 09:45

Original: Erro na redeTranscription ↓real story;string sender;sender = "ZettaBrasil";Trainee: I'm remotely on user's computer because he can't access the system. It might be DNS error...Programmer: Try to turn off and on again the network card...Trainee: Damn! I lost my connection!Programmer: TROLLFACE!

Do you know SQL? 01/07/2014 22:16

Original: Manja de SQL? Transcription ↓string sender; sender = "@osuissa"; Nephew: Man, I'm writing my CV to apply for a job... Could you help me? Programmer: Okay... What did you write? Nephew: I know about computers, I know typing, read emails, frontpage... Programmer: Do you know sql? Nephew: No...() leia mais

Random Strings 14/02/2012 15:59

Transcription ↓/* Sent by Muriel Godoi */Programmer: I developed a new way to generate random strings...A. P.: How? It's based on processor's clock?Programmer? No... Just let the trainee using the "VI" and asked him to close it...A. P.: Effective...Original: Strings aleatórias

Compiling... 25/11/2011 16:38

Transcription ↓/* true story sent by Rafael Toscano */ Boss: Alonso, what are you doing? Alonso (on Facebook): It's compiling... 15 min later... Boss: And now, what are you doing Alonso (still on facebook): I just work on an interface, but now i'm compiling...() leia mais


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