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Problem on list 26/02/2015 09:15

Original: Problema na listagem Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "bibi"; User: The associated list on our site shows the full list... And it has filter options A | B | C... User: But when we click on "A", it shows only the names starting with "A"... Programmer: One minute...() leia mais

Honest opinion 04/02/2014 21:33

Original: Opinião sincera Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "werter"; Programmer: Tell me something: I got this use case... They want it implemented using ajax or in a simple post request? Manager: Shhh... You'll have to ask it to somebody else... I don't understand about these I.T. things...() leia mais

Server down 29/01/2014 10:44

Original: Servidor foraTranscription ↓real story;string sender;sender = "Antonio Mochi";Boss: Please, send that text by email to all employees of our companyProgrammer: The mail server is temporarily down...Boss: Oh, really? So send a mail to everyone announcing that the mail server is down--T-shirt: Use the source, Luke

Piece of cake 22/01/2014 05:34

Original: Simples assim Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "********"; Programmer: Hey, boss... In the file layout, the user ID has a length of 6, but in our database it has 8. What do we do? Boss: Easy... Just divides it by 100... So, who needs to read the file only has to multiply it by 100 e it's done...() leia mais

Locked/Unlocked Field 21/01/2014 07:39

Original: Campo Liberado Bloqueado Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Danilo J B"; Boss: The users are typing wrong info in that text box. We have to automate and lock it Programmer: Okay...() leia mais

Estimate 05/09/2013 19:16

Original: Sem previsão Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Asdrubal"; User: Is the system down? Programmer: Yes. I'm working on it, but I don't have an estimate when it will be back up User: Okay, but is there an estimate of when you will have an estimate?() leia mais

Do you know jQuery? 29/08/2013 20:58

Original: Conhece o jQuery? Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Saulo Vieira"; Programmer: Hey man, do you know jQuery? Jimmy: Sure, I know it... Programmer: Okay, and how good are you developing with jQuery? Jimmy: Well, not so good... Actually, I have always prefered Dreamweaver...() leia mais

Email notification 28/08/2013 21:40

Original: Aviso de e-mail Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Rafael Monico"; Asdrubal: Alonsina, I sent an email to that I.T. company, so please contact them and tell them that I've sent that email. Alonsina: Okay.() leia mais

The forms 19/08/2013 22:10

Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Daniel Carlos"; User: The system is displaying a message saying that we need to put in the forms first... Programmer: Okay, do you have the forms? User: Yes. They're here in my hand! Programmer: And have you entered them into the system?() leia mais

Notes 16/08/2013 15:00

Transcription ↓real story; string sender; sender = "Fabrício Olmo Aride"; Boss (on the phone): Hi, it's the boss. I will get in late, so I jotted down what I want you to do in the meantime... Programmer: Yeah, go ahead ... <silence> Boss: Look, I'll call you back in a bit...() leia mais


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